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Captain Muldoon (Irish, b. 1849 - ?)
Great White in the shallows of China Basin,
1907, oil on canvas, 32" x 24"
The early works of Captain Muldoon often portray disconcerting views into the ocean’s deep. With ominous titles alluding to a sense of impending doom, these works reflect the anxiety and troubled pasts that haunted many of the Elationists.

Brought together by circumstance and an undeniable joie de vivre, these artists found in each other fantastic possibility and hope. Through mutual encouragement and inspiration, the Elationists kindled a creative spark that ignited their imaginations and transformed a troubled time into a celebration of life, art, and the human spirit.
E.C. Kollock
(Ndebele, S. Africa,
b. 1878 - 1973)
1910, water color on paper
This retrospective exhibition chronicles the evolution of the Elationists’ artwork, as individual artists and as a group. Drawing from private collections as well as the Foundation for the Preservation of Fantastic Possibilities’ own collection, these Elationist treasures of art and music will be presented side by side for the first time, in a recreation of the atmosphere and spirit of the original Elationist gatherings.

-See a preview of the restored "Triclops Monstrosity" instrument.
-Listen to an Elationist song, recorded on wax cylinder.






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