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I’ve been in touch with hospitals & healthcare professionals, and these tireless, awesome, heroic people are in critical need of masks.

Yes - even homemade masks! So let’s HELP.

I’m not a professional seamster - but I’ve got a machine & I’m good enough to pitch in! YOU CAN TOO. I have an initial personal goal of 20 masks. Team Goal: I’M LOOKING FOR 10 MORE PEOPLE to make 10 masks each! Are you one of them? YES? Then let's stay in touch & support each other in this effort! Also - people who sew know people who sew. Who can you bring on board?

You've got questions! Here are some answers.

1) Are homemade fabric masks as good as N95 respirators & surgical masks?
No - they aren’t a replacement, they are an ADDITION, and they’ll likely be used OVER a healthcare professional’s N95 in order to extend its life. This is critical due to the dire shortage of N95s & surgical masks. Also, fabric masks may be used by patients and professionals as a “better than nothing” option until backup supplies arrive. PLUS they are a simple reminder not to touch one’s face. And even that counts!
2) Do hospitals ACTUALLY need & accept homemade fabric masks?
YES! Particularly in New York and Southern California (as of 3/27/2020). I have PERSONALLY spoken to hospitals that are accepting these masks. How many? “As many as possible.” What style? “Any style.” Where can I deliver them? “I - I - sorry I have to go RIGHT NOW!” Yes - that conversation ended with them jumping off the phone & back into the next unfolding emergency.
3) Which hospitals are accepting homemade masks?
Here’s a state-by-state list:
4) How do I sew the mask? Is it hard?

Nope - it’s basically a square with some loops attached for the ears. Here’s one of the many tutorials out there, many of which were created by/with healthcare professionals:

Here’s how you can add a wire for nose support:
5) Is there a pattern available?

Yes! Here’s the pattern from the above video tutorial:

And here's a resource that Cedar Sanai hospital system shared with me:
6) How long does it take to make a mask?
Depends on your skill level & experience. I make about 3/hour. Some individuals report cranking out 10/hour.
7) What supplies do I need?

Here’s a useful list of answers & resources:

8) Where can I learn more about masks/monetary/in-kind donations for hospital & healthcare professionals?

Here’s one great resource:

Here’s another great resource about different mask styles:
9) What if no one wants my mask?
Even hospitals that currently have enough supplies may not in the near future. These masks are quick & easy to create, so it’s worth an hour or two in order to donate to places that are currently in need, and to have a pile handy for that future moment when the need arises. Worse case scenario: you, your family, friends, elderly neighbors, mail person, grocery store employees, gas station employees get to have one of your masks - and a useful reminder not to touch their face when interacting with the public!
10) How can I deliver my finished masks?
Contact any of these (or other) hospitals for directions:


This can be easy! You will feel good & useful & empowered, you will add to the list of ways in which you’re already helping, and you will make a difference where it’s critically, critically needed!

Reach out to me with questions! Yes!
Yours indoors,

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