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3-step Cheek Swab Guide
Cheek Swab image
Visit Jake's's registration page:
Confirm you meet their basic registry guidelines.
Complete the online form and order your registration kit. It will be mailed to you FOR FREE.
When your kit arrives, follow the instructions to collect a swab of cheek cells with the four included Q-tips. Insert the Q-tips back in the provided foam package and seal the kit.
Mail the kit back for free. It's that easy. Your swab will be analyzed and registered with the National Bone Marrow Program. If you are a match for Jake, a representative will contact you about becoming a donor for Jake's transplant. See NBMP's registration FAQ for more info.

Even if you are not a match for Jake, you may be a match for someone else!
Visit our Jake/Aplastic Anemia FAQ for more useful info & resources.

* For those outside the US, check out this list of International Bone Marrow Registries. *

  contact:                      cell: 415 793 7435