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I’m a filmmaker with a focus on character. Cuz if audiences aren’t feeling it, how they gonna love it? I bring this approach to every aspect of filmmaking - light as a character, wardrobe as a character, sets, props, color, mood, voice. Whether it’s comedy or drama (I love directing both), it’s all about engaging the audience by making the moment sincere & stakes real.

I’m a writer/director/animator with a passion for working in many genres - comedy, drama, documentary, music videos - you name it. I’ve created some festival darlings, been lucky enough to receive some worldwide distribution deals, worked on acclaimed docs like The Rape of Europa and an Emmy Award-winning episode of The Simpsons. I’m also passionate about projects with a good cause, such as the Tibetan Monk Tour and my upcoming comedic PSA project, Just Sayin’!, which features prominent comedians & actors speaking about the issues that matter to them most.

I’m also a composer/musician, photographer, and visual artist. Short story - if it’s art - I’m into it. I was a resident artist & board member at the seminal, mult-disciplinary San Francisco art collective Million Fishes, and those experiences showed me how important art is to the life of a community and its individuals.

So let’s make something together - and make it GOOD.



415 318 0142