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Your Session
Sessions can be shot on location and typically last 1 to 1.5 hours (without add-ons). Portraits can be shot with studio lighting or natural lighting, and the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and professional. Each portrait is unique, with an individualized look that captures both the subject and the moment.

Edit & Photofinishing
After the shoot has concluded, I will edit the many photos down to a healthy selection of the best shots. I will then make those 'best' shots available for review, either by email or download from a private webpage. All of these 'best' photos will be yours to keep at high resolution upon final delivery.

Once the 'best' shots have been made available for review, you have up to one week to select your favorites for photofinishing (see rates for details). Photofinishing includes adjustments to color, brightness levels, and any imperfections in the image.

Final Delivery
After photofinishing is complete, I will post an archive of the final, high-resolution images (both the photofinished and 'best' images). This archive will be available for download for 2 weeks. If you are interested in prints of your photos, I am happy to provide recommendations for local printing services.

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