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Uncle Pappy's Old Time Botanicals
We here at Uncle Pappy's can remember a simpler time - before smart phones & clouds, when monkeys and humans walked hand in hand, and dinosaurs ruled the Earth. But that's really besides the point, isn't it? The point is, we take joy in hand-craftjng a small suite of delicious & fragrant delectables. Our products look, feel, and are natural, designed with care and crafted with amazing all-organic ingredients. We care a lot about our sources, and do our best to establish personal relationships so we can be sure these little honeys are created responsibly and at the best quality. We’re a relatively new business - but damn it, we’ve got moxy.

About Our Recipes
Our theory: it doesn’t have to be complicated to be wonderful. Our recipes are simple and natural, built around a small collection of high quality cacao, essential oils, and vegetable oils. As a result, our fragrances and butters are subtle and won’t overwhelm, so you can apply to your heart’s content. And our chocolate is off the hook.

About Our Body Butters
We offer a wide range of flavors - from our Earl Grey-inspired “Bergamot,” to subtly floral fragrances like “Tennessee Rose,” to confectionary delights like “Chocolate Amaretto.” Each showcases a different essential oil with unique beneficial properties, and Cocoa Butter as its base. Cocoa Butter is incredibly nourishing for skin, a natural emollient (moisturizer) high in Vitamin E and antioxidents that rejuvenate skin and fight off stressors and signs of aging. It deeply hydrates skin and has long been used to help prevent and reduce stretch marks, sooth senstive skin and irritations such as eczema and dermatitis.

About Our Fragrances
Each of our fragrances is a uniquely enchanting, subtly intoxicating blend of organic essential oils. Each captures a distinct mood and experience, is designed to suit any and all genders, and are wonderfully healthy and nourishing for the skin. So - no need to worry that you will bomb someone with a perfume hug, or leave a tide of sickly sweet cologne in your wake! You can apply all day! And your skin and the people around you will thank you for it!

About Our Chocolate
Uncle Pappy's all started with chocolate, and that's where our heart will always return. We start with all-organic beans from amazing farms and collectives focused on quality, sustainability, and positive business practices. We roast our beans according to its characteristics (and innermost desires), add a small percentage of organic sugar, and perhaps a few touches like coconut or raisin when we're feeling wacky. We keep it simple! Excellent beans, excellent sugar, excellent chocolate!





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